• Tuition, Student Fees, Residence Fees & Registration are due by January 15th at 4:30 pm.

    Please Note: All student account registrations, payments and account inquiries will now take place in the Student Accounts section of the Registrar's Office, Lower Floor in the Kelley Memorial Building.

    Want to avoid line ups?

    Payment can be made by online banking or cheques can be conveniently dropped off in our drop box, located outside the Registrar's Office door. If dropping off a cheque, please ensure to record the student Id# on the cheque. Please visit http://www.upei.ca/finance/accounting/fees/payment-options for all payment options, including how to set up UPEI for online banking.

    Things to do prior to arriving in the Registrar's Office:

    • If making payment by debit card, please ensure that your daily transaction limit is adequate to cover the payment. You may need to call your bank to have your limit temporarily increased.
    • PEI student loans will be processed electronically this semester, meaning that for full time students there will not be a physical document to sign. Please confirm either through Provincial Student Financial Services at 368-4640, or by logging into your student loan account, that your PEI Student Loan has been processed. 
    • Due to confidentiality we are only able to release information regarding your student account to you or an authorized person(s). If someone other than you will be making payments or inquiring about your student account please email us at accounting@upei.ca if you would like to authorize us to release your account details.

    If you have any questions regarding the academic services offered by the Registrar's Office (ex. transcripts, wait lists, etc) please visit http://www.upei.ca/studentlife/registrars-office/services.

    If you have any financial questions please contact us at accounting@upei.ca and if you have any registration or other academic questions please contact registrar@upei.ca

    Have a great semester!

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